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Nasi Kandar at Penang, Malaysia (Ranking of Best)


1. Jelutong (Nasi kandaq Ali Amir) – Jln Jelutong off Jln Tan Sri Teh Ewe Lim)
2. Kampung Melayu (Flat kg melayu – am & Desa Mawar – pm)
3. Sulaiman (6.00am – Chinese shop infront of Jln Utama)
4. Rahman (4.00pagi – Jln Dato Keramat facing Ivory Times Square)
5. Teluk Kumbar (chinese restaurant pekan lama – sold by mami- kakak) known as nasi kandar daud
6. Haniffa (Wife of late Malik – Jln Bayan Lepas – nearby Jln Garuda junction)

1. Hotel Merlin (Union St off Penang St)
2. Tajuddin Hussain (10am – Queen St)
3. kedai rendah bertentangan Sikh Gudwara (Jln Gudwara)
4. Rahim @ Haniffa (Rahim, Brother of late Malik – Jln Byn Lepas – nearby Jln Garuda junction)
5. Taat (Pekan Teluk Kumbar)

1. Shariff (Glugor depan 7-Eleven)
2. Teluk Kumbar (kedai cina pekan lama – mami yg jual – adik)
3. Nasi Beratur (10.00 mlm – Liaqat Ali – next to Masjid Kapitan Keling)
4. Rahman Berkat (kedai cina Jln Jelutong off Jalan Market Jelutong
5. Tajuddin Hussain (6.30pm – Queen St)
6. Rahman Nasi Dalca (Queen St – ini nasi dalca = mcm nasi kenduri)
7. Nasi Kandar Imigresen (5.30pm – Lorong Pasar -stall sebelah kedai cina)

Restoran Deen 24jam (Jln Jelutong sebelah &-Eleven – well known towards Penangites and delicious too)
nasik kandar kpg melayu rasanya lain sikit dr nasi kandar kedai lain..especially daging nye…
Speciality lauk Tiap2 Nasi Kandar


Special Menu at each place:
1. Jelutong (Nasi kandaq Ali Amir) – Jln Jelutong off Jln Tan Sri Teh Ewe Lim)
– ayam ros, daging, sotong & udang (udang besar dijual pd harga yg agak murah)
2. Kampung Melayu (Flat kg melayu – pagi & Desa Mawar – petang)
– daging tempatan, sotong, ayam kicap madu.
3. Sulaiman (6.00am – kedai cina depan bertentangan Jln Utama)
– daging, gulai ikan.
4. Rahman (4.00pagi – Jln Dato Keramat bertentangan Ivory Times Square)
– daging, ayam goreng bawang (kali terakhir makan ayamnya dah tak sedap)
5. Teluk Kumbar (kedai cina pekan lama – mami yg jual – kakak)
– daging cincang
6. Haniffa (isteri arwah Malik – Jln Byn Lepas – dekat dgn simpang Jln Garuda)
– daging cincang, ayam goreng bawang
Speciality lauk Tiap2 Nasi Kandar

1. Hotel Merlin (Union St off Penang St)
– nasi tomato, sambal kelapa, ayam ros, sotong.
2. Tajuddin Hussain (10am – Queen St)
– daging kambing, nasi tomato / beryani, ayam ros (best in town), sambal kelapa, cili kering goreng, gulai anak ikan,
3. kedai rendah bertentangan Sikh Gudwara (Jln Gudwara)
– tak ada yg istimewa tapi masakannya panas2.
4. Rahim @ Haniffa (Rahim, abg arwah Malik – Jln Byn Lepas – dekat dgn simpang Jln Garuda)
– ayam goreng bawang
5. Taat (Pekan Teluk Kumbar)
– gulai ikan

1. Shariff (Glugor depan 7-Eleven)
– daging, gulai ikan
2. Teluk Kumbar (kedai cina pekan lama – mami yg jual – adik)
– gulai ikan talang kering, sotong
3. Nasi Beratur (10.00 mlm – Liaqat Ali – sebelah Masjid Kapitan Kling)
– daging, telur dadar (rasa mcm murtabak), sambal kelapa
4. Rahman Berkat (kedai cina Jln Jelutong off Jalan Market Jelutong
– ayam goreng bawang, daging
5. Tajuddin Hussain (6.30pm – Queen St)
– daging kambing, nasi tomato / beryani, ayam ros (best in town), sambal kelapa, cili kering goreng, gulai anak ikan,
6. Rahman Nasi Dalca (Queen St – ini nasi dalca = mcm nasi kenduri)
– gulai ayam, daging kambing.
7. Nasi Kandar Imigresen (5.30pm – Lorong Pasar -stall sebelah kedai cina)
– nasi dimakan bersama bawang goreng

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Shilpa Shetty

actgal3923.jpgReal Name: Shilpa Shetty

Date of Birth: born 8 June 1975 in Tamil Nadu, India

Now as: Indian film actress and model

She Act: 50 Hindi, Tamil, Telugu and Kannada language film.

“I used to work out regularly. I don’t diet much. To be fit is very important to me. I don’t go overboard on what I eat. I am genetically blessed.”
– Shilpa Shetty, on maintaining her body


Babel – (2006) – Actor
Darna Mana Hai – (2003) – Actor
Hathyar – (2002) – Actor
Rishtey – (2002) – Actor
Karz – The Burden of Truth – (2002) – Actor
Indian – (2001) – Actor
Dhadkan – (2000) – Actor
Lal Baadshah – (1999) – Actor
Zameer – (1997) – Actor
Mr Romeo – (1996) – Actor
Gambler – (1995) – Actorshilpa20.jpg
Main Khiladi Tu Anari – (1994) – Actor
Baazigar – (1993) – Actor


  • 1998: Bollywood Movie Award – Best Supporting Actress for Pardesi Babu
  • 2004: Giant International Award for Phir Milenge.
  • 2005: AAHOA Award for Phir Milenge.
  • 2005: Indian “Diva of the Year” by SaharaOne Television viewers.
  • 2007: IIFA Special Award for Global Impact.
  • 2007: Silver Star Award for her outstanding contribution to humanitarian causes.
  • 2007: Rajiv Gandhi National Quality Award.

About actress Asin Thottumkal

Asin Thottumkal [????? ???????????)]
(born October 26, 1985) is an award-
winning Indian film actress who appears
in various regional Indian movies. She
is among the most popular actresses in
the film industry.

Making her acting debut in Sathyan
Anthikkad’s Narendra Makan Jayakanthan
Vaka (2001), Asin had her first
commercial success with Amma Nanna O
Tamila Ammayi in 2003, and won a
Filmfare Award for the Best Telugu
Actress for the film. She was widely
recognized with her performance as a
the murdered teacher in Gautham Menon’s
hit Gharshana (2004), and following
this went on to demonstrate her
versatility and flexibility as an
actress, portraying a diversity of
different characters, which were
usually distinct from typical roles
played by Indian actresses at that
point of time, and introduced a new
image of a South Indian film heroine.

After a number of critically and
commercially successful films, she
received her second South Filmfare
Award for Best Actress for her
performance in her second Tamil film,
Ghajini (2005). She played the lead
female roles in two consecutive top
grossers, Ghajini (2005) which is her
biggest commercial success to date, and
the action comedy Varalaru (2006) and
this way has established herself as one
of the most prominent leading actresses
of South Indian cinema. More recently,
Asin has been making a debut in
Bollywood, in Ghajini, the remake of
its Tamil namesake.

Early life and background.

Asin was a business woman before coming
to the acting career.


Asin Thottumkal debuted in the
Malayalam film Narendra Makan
Jayakanthan Vaka in 2001, directed by
Sathyan Anthikkad. Her breakthrough as
an actress came with her first Telugu
language film when she played the role
of a Tamil girl in the successful Amma
Nanna O Tamila Ammayi opposite Ravi

Initially many in the Tamil industry
considered her to be a jinx as the
initial movies she signed in Tamil were
either canceled, delayed or faced
financial problems. Although she signed
Ullam Ketkumae as her first Tamil film,
her first release was M. Kumaran son of
Mahalakshmi which was a remake of her
Telugu film Amma Nanna O Tamila Ammayi.
The movie went on to be one of the
biggest hits in 2004 and introduced
Asin to Kollywood.

Her movie Ghajini with Surya, which was
released both in Tamil and Telugu, was
a box office hit in both industries.
She has become famous since then and
went on to win the Filmfare Best
Actress Award South for her role in
Ghajini. Many movies followed and Asin
played opposite some popular actors in
South Indian Cinema, among them Surya,
Vijay, Vikram and Ajith, with whom she
starred in Pokiri with Vijay, Gharshana
with Venkatesh, and Varalaru& Aalwar
with Ajith Kumar.

Asin is also brand ambassador for
various products including Fairever,
Tanishq, BIG 92.7 FM, Spinz, Parachute,
Colgate and Mirinda. She was also a
part of Mani Ratnam’s stage show,
Netru, Indru, Naalai alongside many
other co-stars.

She rejected Surya’s Sillunu Oru
Kaadhal even after being offered three
songs as she thought her role in the
movie had not much scope. Her part went
to Bhumika Chawla. She had previously
opted out of Madhavan’s Thambi due to
tight scheduling.

Her next movie for release Dasavatharam
opposite Kamal Haasan and it will be
dubbed in 8 languages including
Malayalam, Telugu, Kannada, Bhojpuri,
Marathi and Hindi.


She started her schooling in Naval
Public School, Kochin. She has
completed her B.A. English Literature
at St. Teresa’s College, Kochi. She has
shifted from her home town Kochi to
Chennai, where she stays on Harrington
Road. Before becoming an actress, she
was a part-time model and a


Actress Nayanthara

Diana Mariam Kurien (born in 1984 in
Kerala, India) popularly known as
Nayanthara [???????] meaning “Eyes
like Stars”, is a south Indian actress
and has acted in Tamil, Telugu and
Malayalam movies. Nayantara has
completed her BA Literature. She got an
offer to act in a Malayalam
film “Manasinakkare” directed by
Sathyan Anthikkad in which she paired
opposite to Jayaram. The film was a
great hit in Kerala. This paved the way
for her entry into Tamil Cinema. She is
a self confident person and is always
found calm. Her hobbies are reading
books and listening to music. Her
favorite color is Black. She loves
North Indian and Chinese cuisines. She
is comfortable working with all the
heroes and fully involves herself in
whatever role she does and this
obviously is the reason for her success
in the field.


She was born on 8th November 1984 as an
Orthodox Syrian Christian in Tiruvalla,
Pathanamthitta District, Kerala. She
did schooling from North India (Delhi,
Bombay, Calcutta, Punjab and Karnataka)
as her father was an Air Force
Official. She joined Balikamadom High
School, Thiruvalla for +2, then joined
Marthoma college in Thiruvalla for her
bachelors degree (English Literature).
She became interested in acting after
getting good exposure from college. She
admits herself that the encouragement
her friend Mahesh Kadammanitta gave,
helped her a lot to improve. While at
college, she was chosen by director
Satyan Anthikkad and was cast opposite
Jayaram in Mansinakkare. After that,
she played a ghost who falls in love
with the hero Mohanlal in Fazil’s
Vismayathumbathu. She played opposite
Sarath Kumar in Ayya. She acted with
Rajnikanth in Chandramukhi. Her later
films are Natturaajavu (Malayalam),
Thaskaraveeran(Malayalam), Vallavan
(Tamil), Gajini(Tamil), Yogi (Telugu)
etc… She is now busy in Tamil &
Telugu film industry. She was admired
by many for her bold acting in the
latest tamil flick Billa.

Personal life

Nayantara’s first relationship created
headlines when publicity posters sprung
up around Chennai of her Vallavan co-
star, Silambarasan and her kissing.
However, despite maintaining a high-
profile relationship, involving the
press, the pair broke up soon after the
film was released citing differences.
Nonetheless, after the break-up,
pictures were released anonymously of
the pair kissing each other at
Nayantara’s apartment. Further
controversy was created when rumours
leaked out that the plot of
Silambarasan’s forthcoming film,
Kettavan, was based on the couple’s
true love story.

Nayantara who emerged as the numero uno
actress of the industry this year is
all set to take up the competition to
the next level with her next project.
Apparently, the actress is believed to
have signed a film opposite Balakrishna
that will be directed by Gunasekhar .
And to add this is the lip-smacking fee
offered to her for the film. This would
be Nayantara’s first film with
superstar Balakrishna and director
Gunasekhar promises to get them
together in a never before kind of

According to the grapevine, ‘Saadhu –
The Saint Warrior’ is the title that is
being considered for the film. To be
made on an opulent scale with hotshot
technicians, this film will be launched
in January 7th, 2008. Harris Jayaraj
will be composing for it. Last year
Nayantara reigned over the box-office
collections with hits
like ‘Yogi’, ‘Dubai Seenu’ and ‘Thulasi’

She received many compliments from her
costars like Trisha Krishnan.

She has been doing a lot of films with
Superstar Rajinikanth and
coincidentally all the films are a huge
hit. It has been rumoured that this is
why she was signed for Robot. Whatever
the reason, audience love their

Trisha Krishnan

Original Name: Trisha
Date of Birth:
4th May 1983Trisha Krishnan
Place of Birth: Chennai
Hails from the state of Palakkad

Mother Tongue: Tamil
Languages Known: English, Hindi, Tamil and French
Languages Spoken: Same as above
About Family Members: I am an only child. Live with my parents, my
grandmom and my dog MINX
Education – Schooling and
Church Park – Ethiraj College

About the entry into the film Industry…
Name of the first film: Mounam Pesiyadhey
Director/Production Amir – Aparjeet Films
Co-star Surya
Name of Latest Movies: Ji, Thirupaachi
Achievements/Awards Won Miss Salem – 1999
Miss Chennai – 2000
Miss India Miss Beautiful Smile – 2001

Hobbies Music, Reading, Swimming

Trisha, who is also known as honey is the only daughter of her parents. Though she hails from the state of Palakkad, this 21 year old girl was born and brought up in Chennai. She lives with her parents and grand mom who pamper her a lot. She did her schooling in Church park. She is currently pursuing her BBA in Ethiraj College and her future aim is to take up MBA.

She loves modeling was titled as Miss Chennai in the year 2000. She was the model in several popular products and it was after that she got offers from film producers. She is also a talented ballet dancer and this made it easier for her to enter into the cinema industry.

Trisha loves music and her favorite music director is A. R. Rehman. Reading is also her passion and the authors of her choice are Sidney Sheldon & Danielle Steele. Her favorite book is Chicken Soup for the Soul. Her other hobbies include surfing, traveling, playing tennis and basket ball. She is also an expert in swimming. She loves eating brown rice and Chicken Curry. She also enjoys the company of her friends.

Trisha Krishnan, the brown eyed beauty is a girl with strong determination and will power. She is one of the top South Indian actresses at the moment. Her glorious smile has stolen the hearts of thousands of teenagers. Not only in India does she have fans but also abroad, where people admire her dance sequences. She started her career in modeling. She was the model for many popular products such as Fair and Lovely, Pepsi and several jewelers. She was also the winner of the Miss Chennai competition conducted in the year 2000. She is preparing to compete for the Miss India contest and the Miss World Contest and there is nothing to wonder if she wins it.


Name :Asin Thottumkal
Screen Name :Asin
Nick Name :Malabar ahzagi, Tamil ammayee
Date of Birth :26 Oct, 1985
Birth Place :Hyderabad
Height :5′ 4″
Profession :Dancer,Actress,model, Stage compere, business woman
Nationality :Indian Mother tongue :Malayalam
Languages :Can read, write& speak in Malayalam, Tamil& French.Can only speak Telugu.

  • Father :JosephThotumkal, former CBI officer
  • Mother :Dr.Shelin, Surgeon in Kerala Govt hospital


Education School :

  • Naval public school,Cochin and St.Teresa’s Hr.Sec.
  • B.A. (literature) from St.Teresa’s college,Cochin

Modeled :in at least 60 advertisements

Entry to tamil :Director Jeeva after seeing her in’Aircel’ advertisement invited her to act in his film Ullam ketkume

Debut :

  • Tamil: M.Kumaran, S/O Mahalakshmi,
  • Malayalam: ‘Narendran Maganjaykanthan directed by Sathyan athikadu.
  • Telugu: ‘Amma nan oru Thamizh ammayi’

Favourite :

  • Singers:Balamurali Krishna, P.Susheela, Janet Jackson
  • Spot:all places in Kerala
  • Sport: Cricket
  • Attire:Jeans and Shirts
  • Farmhouse :owns Vagmon a lovely hill station in Kerala

ASIN’S :Her company deals with anything from hospital equipments, software, furniture etc
Desire :
Likes to try her luck in the Civil service exams. Wants to prove that film people can also excel in academics.
Hates :Dishonesty
Respects :Nadiya for her simplicity
Loves :to gaze at the water
Singing :
Harris Jayaraj had given her an opportunity to sing but she was not able to do because of her busy schedule.
Shopping :finishes all her shopping abroad& avoids at home
Plans :to export carved wood products.

  • Acts in a movie without hearing the story or knowing the strength of her character.
  • Does vulgar scenes or double meaningdialogues

Favourite food:Fresh fish&Keralarice
Hates :Smoking&smokers
Address :Marine drive,Kochi, Kerala
Awards :

  • Won the best young entrepreneur award when she was only 14 years.
  • Best Actress, Filmfare award for the ‘Amma Nanna ; TamilaAmmayi’

Facts :

  • She is a voracious reader.
  • At age four she created a record by dancing non-stop for four hours.
  • Asin means pure or blemishless
  • One of the songs for the film M.Kumaran, S/O Mahalakshmi was filmed in the farmhouse owned by her fly.
  • She was not able to act in the film’Shahjahan’ with Vijay due to date problems.
  • Only child to her parents.
  • Comes from a very wealthy family.
  • Is a good bharata natyam and Kathakali dancer…