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A very fine Artwork of Odyssey :: The Voice Culture

Performed by Odyssey Vocal & Music Training Pioneers Batch Students.
Vocals : Navina Nathan, Sasi Kala, Thevathy Krishnan, Kanagaah, Kanmani Kanesan, Avineshini, Anbaruvi, Michelle, Bryen Prakash, Punitan & Pannir Selvam.
Trained by Composer Jay & Vocalist Preetha Prasad.

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Special Thanks to Minnal FM.
Kavitha Kaneapa, Thivyamalini Ramalu & Ravin Shanmugam.
Minnal FM Programme Producers & DJs.
Inspired from
Song : Anjali Anjali
Movie : Anjali (1990)
Written by: Vaali
Original Composition: Ilayaraja
Performed by: Karthik Raja, Yuvan Shankar Raja, Bhavatharani R., Premgi Amaren, Venkat Prabhu, Hari Bhaskar and Parthi Bhaskar

A great music, voice arrangement. Feel soft, relax and smooth. Some musical magic was in this video. Hard to explain. Its just nice. Please watch to feel it by own.


How to stop angry?

very useful to control your angry. Its all about self control and mind setting. But Sadhguru Jaggi Vasudev.


Triambakam Mandram

Om Tryambakam Yajamahe
Sugandhim Pushthi Vardhanam
UrvaRukamiva Bandhanan
Mrytyor Muksheeya Maamritat



  • OM: Primeval sound meaning Almighty God
  • Tryambakam: three-eyed
  • Yajamahe: we adore
  • Sugandhim: sweet fragrance
  • Pushthi: a prosperous condition, well-nourished and complete
  • Vardhanam: someone who strengthens and restores health
  • Urvarukam: illness, obstacles in life, attachment, and resulting depression
  • Iva: just like
  • Bandhanan: stem of the pumpkin (here: harmful attachment)
  • Mrityor: from death
  • mukshiya: liberate us
  • ma: not
  • amritat: immortality
Om Tryambakam Yajamahe