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Valentine Special :: A dedication to my love…

This video is all about a beloved pairs dedication toward their true and sincere love. Its begins by the male seed for a plant. Same as seed for the true love. A dedication to have better care for those plants. The idea of a visit to plants during cold snow seasons is just nice. Its show, his feeling toward those plants. How those plants become a beautiful love proposal is the climax. The way, voice narrated since begins to the end of video, make us realize and feel for our own beloved pair.

Maybe, base on video cover it mays give you an idea of its something to do with dirty romance. Well, yes its very romantic video. Anyhow, if you expect anything dirty scene, you are wrong. This video do have some minor expose of female character. But, the author did his part well and made us travel with the flow of the video. On minus point,  some of us may not agree the final message of “marry me” when they stay and sleep together. Its maybe this western culture may not fit to Asian people.

On the other hand, the way describe about the female character made me recall my beloved for a moments. Those description fit for her too. So overall, its very nice video. A must watch by you. A sweet and creative proposal to a very beloved girl friend by her boy friend. Such a wonderful feeling when watch it. Enjoy watching…

– This video posted as my dedication to my beloved with all my heart and sincerely, I Love You my dearest.


oru thuli visham,
oru thuli inbam,
oru thuli thunbam,
oru thuli verumai,
oru thuli yekkam,
oru thuli nadpu,
oru thuli pagaimai,
athan peyar kathal…

Vazhkai paadam

mazhaiyin tural,
mannin vaasam,
malalaiyin sinangal,
taayin anbu,
nadpin azham,
kadhalin inbam,
pirivin thunbam,
ellam vazhkaiyin paadame

Nesithu par

Nesithu par kavithai varum….
Pirinthu par sogam varum…….
Ninaithu par alugai varum……
Sirichi par magilchi varum…..

Ennai ninaithu par
Un manathil
Pasam… Nesam…
Santhosham… Varum…

En kadhalee

Kadhal enparkal
enimai enparkal
elamail enparkal
anbu enparkal
alagu enparkal
asaai enparkal

anaal nanoo
kadhal endren
pidikkum endren
punnagain endren
neeyee alagi endren

nee vendam endral
verukkiren endral
ennai vilagi sendral


Kadhal Khidam – tune of love

Love her - I love you dear

kadhal endra oor varthai
Athai sollavoo
Eru ethayanggal

Uyiroodu uyurai
Manathodu manathai
Katrodu katrai
Isai endra Oosaiyal
Solla thudikkirathe

En Kadhal khidam…

I Love You

I love you
I love you
I love you

The magical
3 word expression
Arise from heart
Deeply from the soul
To another soul
That believed that
Born for ownself

taj mahal

Enekkey Enakkaga
En Alagu thevathaiye
En kadhal rojavee

Unnai kandenee
En idhayam kandenee
Unnul kandenee
En kadhal Rojavee

Unnai Kathalippen
Kadhalargalaka naam eruvar
Oruyiraga… Oruthayamaaga

Anbe Anbe – Dear Love



Anbe en anbe
Nee angkey
Naan engkey

En vizligal
Un alagu vizligalai

En anbe
Nee arukil varuvaya
Unnai Kaana enggineen
Eravum pagalumaga

Nee matthum…

– Rames

En uyiree – My soul – love dedication

Uyiree uyireeapic91.jpg
Unnalee naan…
Un ninaivil naan,
Un Alagil naan

En sagiyea
Nee Varuvaya, Thunamun,
En kanavil,

Un alagu
En uyirai
Thotthu selkirathea
En kanavil,

My Heartly feeling for her

Thinking of you My Feelings When lonely…

I love you
I miss you
I need you

I thinking of you
I Smile for you
I life for you

You touch my heart
My little heart
You touch my soul
That mix with yours

Create heartly love
With our sincere feeling

Love her – I love you dear

Love Her As,rose

She Care Me
She Loves Me
She Guide Me
She Admire Me
She Attract Me
She See Me
She Help Me

Travel With me
Fun With me
Soft With Me
Share My Life
Talk To me
Teach Me IF i Wrong

She looks…

Nice Lips
Beautiful Eye
Fairy Skin
Small Fingers
Sweet Voice
Soft Look
Slim Eye Brown
Mid Forehead

I love you forever and ever

Love is…

love Sweet love…

Feel my Love

the heartly feeling,
touch my soul,
with romance

Like a flower,
Like a rose,
Beautiful look,
It touch my heart,

With love,









Love With Sincere 🙂

Romance n love

Romance is a feeling,
signify in the heart,
to special person,
as you,

It unwritten,

Aasaikal – Wishes of Soul

Aasaikal ayiran,Angel rose
Athai yennit’tan yenggukiren,

Alagalalai Asaikal,
Athil en kanavu thevathai matthum,

En vizhiyin eru kankal,
un kangalai parkirathey,

en aasai niraiveera,
kattiruppen unakkaga…

– RS