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Adobe After Effects :: How to censor face in video

This video will guide you and teach you about censorship. You will learn about, blur a motion part in a video i.e. face in easily simple method. Sometimes, we not really want identify of person or object in video to hidden/hide from viewer. This tutorial video will guide you best to do that.

Its old yet still in production, Great Cars

Following cars are consider old yet still in production. Its believed, these cars have better production quality that led it to produced till today. There might be some minor improvement made toward engine and internal part. Anyhow, the outer look of those cars remain same.

amery___2_.thumbMorgan 4/4 Series 2

Start Produced:


urlHindustan Ambassador

Start Produced:

url bettlVolkswagen Beetle

Start Produced:

url kombiVolkswagen Kombi

Start Produced:

(will discontinue by Dec 2013)

Morris_Mini-Minor_1959BMC Mini

Start Produced:


Citroen_2CV_3Citroen 2 CV

Start Produced:




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