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Now, we go futher to ending 90’s … Who might be ? Obviously it Simran. The Sexy girl that Become favorite of many. But, got some down after she married. Well, i dont consider sexy as 1st reason. But, she do since early movies of her. Well, in the movie of Jodi. She did great job. …


Simran. The Sexy girl that Become favorite of many. But, got somemarket down after she married. Well, i dont consider sexy as 1st reason. But, she do since early movies of her. Well, in the movie of Jodi. She did great job. …

Well, She acted in so many movies but certain movies really made her better in film industry. Film such as Jodi, Valli, are really nice. It show-off her talent to her fans.

This girl also look nice without make up. Even thought not as good as riya sen, but this can said “ok”. This due her age. She not teenage girl. She already around 30 years old compare to riyasen, who is just 25 something.

Hey Special? Her eye look nice. Nice hair. Nice skin color. And much more. Usually, people say – she look sexy. Yes, she do but in early movies. It can be said, very sexy in her early movies. Later, she cover up. In movies like Jodi, she did great job with prasant.

Basically, she had the talent but people more on her sexy dance. That might be the reason, why she sometimes, do dance for single songs in movies. In movies like Youth, her dance was simply super.

Recently, After she get married: she not acting. Very few chance to act in movies. So that, she almost being housewife and just take care her 1st son.



I like Nagma as well, after Riya sen. (both people are actress of 1990s) 🙂

Real Name: Namratha Sadhana
DOB: Born 25 December 1974

I like this pretty girl after the movie of Kadhalan. Kadhalan is most lovely movie. It about real love. ItKadhalan movie explain the real love to public. The desire to do anything to attract the heart and soul of own pair. Not forgeting, it also teach us the word “us”, “patient” in love. Face anything together with true care and feeling.

Well, She acted very naturally in that movie. Well, she really, do the role of lover in greater effort. She is Amazing. Not a waste to say, she become best actress during 90’s in tamil film industry. Usually, she do great job in love movies. Another Notable movie is Love Birds. Also With same Here, which is Prabudeva.


idiot Guy – Rape Love Story

Guy: “Can we have sex right
Girl: “Can we do what?”
Guy: “You know,can I be your first,
Girl: “Um…”
Guy: “Why?”
Girl: “Because, 1. you have a
girlfriend, who happens to be my
Guy: “So, if you don’t tell, I won’t
Girl: “Besides that, I’m waiting for
someone special.Someone that I want to
be with for the rest of my life to be
my first.”
Guy: “I’m not special to you?”
Girl: “You’re my friend.That’s all.”
Guy: looks forward and keeps driving. 5
minutes pass…….
Guy: starts to run his hand up the
girl’s thigh.
Girl:moves his hand,”Don’t touch me.”.
Guy: tries to kiss her.
Girl:screams, “Would you stop.”
Guy:continues trying.
Girl: moves tothe back seat
Guy: parks on an abandoned street and
gets in the backseat with the girl.He
starts to kiss her.
Girl:pushes him off and scoots
over, “Please, don’t do this.”
Guy: “Don’t do what, I know you want
it, I can see it in your eyes.” Moves
over to her and starts to unbutton her
Girl: pushes him harder and says, “No,
Guy:getting aggravated, punches her and
tells her to stop “playing hard to
Girl:crying, continues to fight.
Guy:punches her harder, pulls her pants
off, and holds her down.
Girl: screams as he penetrates
her, “NO, please don’t
do this to me!”
Guy: puts his hand over her mouth.
An hour passes………
Guy: pulls back and wipes himself off.
Girl:sits on the corner of the seat,
Guy:looks at her and says, “You better
not tell anybody about this. If you’re
really my friend, you won’t tell
anybody about this. You know I love
you.” He reaches out his hand to touch
her cheek.
Girl: pulls back, “Just take me home,
Guy: “Alright.” Gets in the front
seat and drives her home.
2 months later………
Girl: “Doctor, what’s wrong with me. I
haven’t had my time of the month in 2
Doctor:looks at her, “You haven’t been
having your “time” for a reason.”
Girl: looks at him and says, “Why?”
dreading the answer that she was sure
to receive.
Doctor: “You are pregnant.”
Girl: faints. The story gets out that
she is pregnant, and people start
looking to the Guy. He claims that it
isn’t his because she was sleeping with
every guy in the school(which was a
lie). He goes to her and tells
her, “I’m telling you, if you lie to
people and say that I raped you, I’ll
kill you.”

The Girl is completely devastated.
First, he took her virginity and got
pregnant….then he lied about it. She
was completely depressed……the girl
commits suicide by drug overdose…….

10 reason y i love you

i love it when you me laugh and when i
cant stay mad at you
i even love you when you make me happy
when im blue
i love it when you tell me that you
love me and that we’ll always be
i love it that you tell me that you’ll
always be by my side always and
i love you when you support me no
matter what
i love the way you smell like hazelnut
i love the way you care and love me
like no one has before
i love the way you can be sweet and
i love you when you say you say your
hellos and goodbyes
so therefore i love you til the day i
no one has made me feel complete you
10 reasons why i love you

How r u?


im in pain…

You Told me You Loved Me,
I Thought It was True,866375070l.jpg
But Now I’m Sitting Here Crying,
All Because Of You

You Said I Was The Perfect Girl,
So I Gave You My Heart,
And All You Did To It,
Was Tear It Apart

momentz Of Nothing,
How Could This Be,
We Were Meant For Each Other,
But I Guess That You Could Not See

Riya Sen

riya eye

Riya Sen

Since Begining i like Riya sen. Really Pretty. Cute. Small. Nice. And Whatever – ever can said. Very Nice girl. I like her “side look”.

Have a look at your right hand side. Nice is it? Actually, it very nice eye. I do saw a girl with same eye near my house/ hometown. Actually, it “magnet eye” in my own term. Can Attract people to have feeling for her. Recently this Actress become sexy girl. But, i think, the eye itself consider sexy. Well, on her 1st tamil movie, she really nice. Not showy or sexy. But, in classic dress. The movie is Tajmahal. Very nice. All songs simply super.

But whatever does it, it her life to show her to public or otherway around. On my opinion, her class look is very nice.

Other than, she look very simple. She look pretty even she not apply any make-up, costume, or anything else.

Want to see…???

Check out…

riya eye pretty

Nice is it?



How is it? ok. From my point of view, she is very pretty.

ok her age? 25 ++
She born @ born Riya Dev Varma in Kolkata, India on January 24, 1981)

Relationships are hard…

I’m apparently being left out again
Because I’m missing something
I should be seeing
Should be feeling
And yet, I experience nothing
Of what is intended for me
In the absence of such an event

It is a nonevent
A dangerous distraction
That if I preoccupy on too long
Will cause me to deviate
From my entered course
And crash into a gigantic wall
Where there is no end
To the torment
Of a wrong decision made
Even a right decision
At a wrong time

I should be heartbroken
Should be torn up inside
And all my pieces
Should be scattering
In tens of thousands of directions
Because I should not be able to go on
I should be devastated
I should be walking death
And yet I’m inside myself
With the relief I feel
And the thought that
What comes from this
Is what should have happened all along

We were young, now older
We were idealistic and brave
Now we’re realistic and even braver
Not because of the chance we took
But the choice we’ve made
For it is a far better thing
To walk away from this
As respectable human beings
Than to drag it out into something
That would belong on TV
In a bitter dispute or a sorry

We decided to part ways
And I feel we are both
Destined for something better
When we are even older, even more
By the experiences that life
Will throw at us
Maybe together, most likely apart
But something special
For both of us
Because of what we still hold
In our hearts…
Sense enough to persevere
And strength enough
To hold each other up if necessary
As we disintegrate
From our non-eternal bonds…

Watershed momentz

Pebble thrown in a stream
Makes no indentation
Leaves no mark
Just another day
Just another day in the rain

Another way I’ve learned to say
To the moments that will never come
A deep emotion in my chest
I have plucked free
To soar above the world in ether
Never to solidify again
I threw that dream away
Into the water
Watched it become one with the flow
Wonder where it goes, oh where does it
I wonder how long
It’s going to take
For me to realize what an impact I’ve
Even though it seems like life is a
And today’s just another day in the

There’s another chance
There’s another moment waiting
Another chance to find what was lost
In the act of throwing my heart away
Just another day
Just another silently seething morning
Against the curtains, fingers pressed
Feel the cold of the glass
As I gaze at the sheets of liquid
That seem to stream down
Fall down…
All water is… it’s just motion
Yet it cannot beat gravity
It moves where it’s told
It has petals that unfold
And eventually fall away

Such is the progress of things
We move from the stillness
To the chaos
In fluid steps, in jagged leaps
In darkened pathways
In midden heaps
In disguise and in the open
And underwater too
All are pebbles thrown into the
All are pebbles that may not come
We are caught up in life
We are moving faster than we thought
The end cannot be seen
And neither the beginning

All we are, oh all we are
Is here and now, is here and now
And all we need, and all we need
Is to banish doubt, just banish doubt
Just another day here, another day
Another pebble in the stream
Just another day in the rain that’s
Just another chance to dream

But don’t throw it away this time
Hold on and see where things go
We’re all just drifting in the middle
Trying to see if we’ll sink or float
Just another moment left unto the
ravages of time
Wish I could take a step back
Wish I could get this done right
Yet I see how we’re going
I see how we fall
We’re just leaves in the wind
And there’s no time left to stall
Just another day it seems
Just another day in the rain
Might as well do what we can
We won’t be back this way again…

Possibility of life

If in expecting darkness you find
Are you disappointed? If for all the
world there is just you
As meaningful and special in existence
as you know you are
And you suddenly find that there are
Are you upset or afraid?
If you find a rolling plain when you
expected a mountain
Are you relieved
Or are you angry at being denied a
For if in living we just assume to
Are we annoyed when our lives have
When we live not just for ourselves
But for others, for children, for

Do we step aside at the error in our
Or do we let go of them and just grow
To wherever things are heading
We can only control so much
With only ten fingers, one grasp, one
Or do we put our hands at our sides
And open up our minds

When is there a sea change
In the color of our opinions about the
What more will it take before the
stain of negativity is erased
We spend so much time squinting and
Always reaction, never taking action
At what point do we stop expecting
constant darkness
And prepare for the possibility of
Maybe this is the time
Maybe tonight
I’ll stop expecting and just
experience life…

Pieces of infinity

Out in the open here
There’s just so much sky
Brilliant and blue
Streaked with white
And if you came to me today
And asked me to tell you
All my secrets
Sitting here with a window wide
I would…
Staring at the reflection of the world
I look at my eyes in the pool of water
Collected from rain that fell from
Pieces of infinity in what I see…
swimming in me…

I’m no longer afraid
Of the way my life is heading
So much control and yet so little it
I have the handles and yet
This bicycle steers itself
Down this sweeping hill
I watch the sky expand
As the grass blows
My face feeling the force of gravity
As I give in to the momentum
And let the Earth just carry me
As it turns for a while
Where will I end up?
Is it where I’ve always wanted
Or someplace totally new
Or is it both…

I touch the surface of the water with
my finger
And watch the ripples
Concentric circles ringing through the
Like the sky in my eyes
To be able to cause such a reaction
With one simple finger
And yet to be just one person
One man in a multitude of billions
One voice in a chorus of sound
It’s freeing to know that I am who I
That I can be whoever I choose
And in whatever I do, I will still
make an impact

Yet in the way things work
My life can be over in a blink
But it would have seemed an eternity
to me
So let me sit here and stretch out
Let me close my eyes
Imagining the sky in my hands
Even when I’m inside
There’s so much of it
We are all so small
Just pieces of infinity
And yet it covers us all
My secrets seem to mean nothing
And yet they are my clouds
Causing ripples…

The weight of life n death

You hunted the pharaoh
Over hundreds of centuries
Of darkened sand
Stained with sweat and blood and semen
Indiscretions in oases between races
of man
Thought forgotten through time
Through rhyme they are found again
Interstitial cells, membranes
Fusing times and lines
And rewriting historical designs
Of genesis and procreation
And guaranteed heavenly association
The losers here are not our fathers or
our sons
The losers here have lost their spirit

Here in the swamp of true reflections
The swamp gas barely hides the stench
That permeates the nothingness
That exists in the shells that stand
Before the water’s edge
And pray for enlightenment
With papyrus in their hands
And sacrificial lilies in their mouths
Stems dangling against cheeks
Leaves wilted through the suffering
And the despair of travel
Through a darkened world
Where no one cares, and no one

You recite the glyphic verses
Trying to fight the future
And raise the dead, raise the dead
Raise the darkness from the sands
And find the sparkling diamonds
That are supposed to exist inside
This sandstorm that moves with
Through your skin as you pray your
voice will be heard
And that the ether will flash into
Finding your pharaoh tonight
Amidst the graying, wrinkling skin
You’re seeking eternal life

In one single moment
One purposeful summons
Goes unanswered
But for the echoes of your own voice
As it cascades across the canopy
Caught in the green methane glow
Who will hear it beside us
No one really knows
Egypt was a desert once
But the only sand here is in your
Dust and debris of a memory
And as much as I wanted to take your
hands between my own
Help you out of this self-destructive
You had to see this for yourself
To the end
That what is done cannot be undone

There is life and there is death
There is freedom in one
And penance in the other
Which is which, is the question
What do we have before us
But a mystery
That will only be solved
Upon the last breath
That leaves our chests
You tried to raise the dead
But they almost claimed you
I hope now you see
I hope now you’ll dream again
Instead of finding emptiness…
You hunted a pharaoh
But maybe instead
You’ve found yourself
Underneath the dunes…
Underneath the shifting sands
Of you…
You’ve found time
To heal your wounds

In the dark

I felt my way around the room
Didn’t realize it was round
In the dark, in the dark, in the dark,
in the dark
I found my way back to where I started
And this is so like life, at least
You end up where you don’t expect
You haven’t really started yet
And then, you have, you did
And it’s over, it’s gone
And the moment flew by through the
Didn’t even register on my fingers
Enough for me to realize it was
slipping away
And I’m back at the beginning
Working my way toward you

I felt my way around the room
Didn’t realize it was round
In the dark, in the dark, in the dark,
in the dark
I’m wondering what your lips are like
Pressed against mine
If I’ll ever get to find out
If I’ll ever get to see your face
Close enough to look straight into
your eyes
I’m still blind here, trying to see
Hands out, I’m flailing
Dreams I’ve had are sailing ahead of
Waiting to be reached
If I could only see you, if I could
only see…

I felt my way around the room
Didn’t realize it was round
In the dark, in the dark, in the dark,
in the dark
My eyes are closed and I’m leaning
Will you lean back, lean back, will
you lean back to me
Or will I be left here waiting
Just waiting
For something that will never come
Right here in the moment that slips
away again
So fast, so fast, so fast, so fast
I felt my way around the room
Didn’t realize it was round
Didn’t realize that I had it
That it was already found
In the dark…

I am always in the dark…

My love story


Above is my love story.

I love my angel with such a pretty and cute smile. Till than, i become fan of her smile. It really fit with happy face. Love her alot. I start this blog as i got collections of love story, poem, images and so on. Its not my own art work or ideas. Its someone else who unknown identity. I just post it here as i pay recognize to their words to love.

1st post, i start with my love story… (above).

Lets start…


Kadhal Khidam – tune of love

Love her - I love you dear

kadhal endra oor varthai
Athai sollavoo
Eru ethayanggal

Uyiroodu uyurai
Manathodu manathai
Katrodu katrai
Isai endra Oosaiyal
Solla thudikkirathe

En Kadhal khidam…

I Love You

I love you
I love you
I love you

The magical
3 word expression
Arise from heart
Deeply from the soul
To another soul
That believed that
Born for ownself

taj mahal

Enekkey Enakkaga
En Alagu thevathaiye
En kadhal rojavee

Unnai kandenee
En idhayam kandenee
Unnul kandenee
En kadhal Rojavee

Unnai Kathalippen
Kadhalargalaka naam eruvar
Oruyiraga… Oruthayamaaga

Anbe Anbe – Dear Love



Anbe en anbe
Nee angkey
Naan engkey

En vizligal
Un alagu vizligalai

En anbe
Nee arukil varuvaya
Unnai Kaana enggineen
Eravum pagalumaga

Nee matthum…

– Rames

En uyiree – My soul – love dedication

Uyiree uyireeapic91.jpg
Unnalee naan…
Un ninaivil naan,
Un Alagil naan

En sagiyea
Nee Varuvaya, Thunamun,
En kanavil,

Un alagu
En uyirai
Thotthu selkirathea
En kanavil,

My Heartly feeling for her

Thinking of you My Feelings When lonely…

I love you
I miss you
I need you

I thinking of you
I Smile for you
I life for you

You touch my heart
My little heart
You touch my soul
That mix with yours

Create heartly love
With our sincere feeling

Love her – I love you dear

Love Her As,rose

She Care Me
She Loves Me
She Guide Me
She Admire Me
She Attract Me
She See Me
She Help Me

Travel With me
Fun With me
Soft With Me
Share My Life
Talk To me
Teach Me IF i Wrong

She looks…

Nice Lips
Beautiful Eye
Fairy Skin
Small Fingers
Sweet Voice
Soft Look
Slim Eye Brown
Mid Forehead

I love you forever and ever