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hi Friends… Pretty Girls that i meant are actress. My Favorite Actress.
Lets Have a look…

Riya Sen

riya eye

Since Begining i like Riya sen. Really Pretty. Cute. Small. Nice. And Whatever – ever can said. Very Nice girl. I like her “side look”.

Have a look at your right hand side. Nice is it? Actually, it very nice eye. I do saw a girl with same eye near my house/ hometown. Actually, it “magnet eye” in my own term. Can Attract people to have feeling for her. Recently this Actress become sexy girl. But, i think, the eye itself consider sexy. Well, on her 1st tamil movie, she really nice. Not showy or sexy. But, in classic dress. riya eye prettyThe movie is Tajmahal. Very nice. All songs simply super.

But whatever does it, it her life to show her to public or otherway around. On my opinion, her class look is very nice.

Other than, she look very simple. She look pretty even she not apply any make-up, costume, or anything else.

Want to see…???

Check out…

Nice is it?



How is it? ok. From my point of view, she is very pretty.

ok her age? 25 ++
She born @ born Riya Dev Varma in Kolkata, India on January 24, 1981)



I like Nagma as well, after Riya sen. (both people are actress of 1990s) 🙂

Real Name: Namratha Sadhana
DOB: Born 25 December 1974

I like this pretty girl after the movie of Kadhalan. Kadhalan is most lovely movie. It about real love. ItKadhalan movie explain the real love to public. The desire to do anything to attract the heart and soul of own pair. Not forgeting, it also teach us the word “us”, “patient” in love. Face anything together with true care and feeling.

Well, She acted very naturally in that movie. Well, she really, do the role of lover in greater effort. She is Amazing. Not a waste to say, she become best actress during 90’s in tamil film industry. Usually, she do great job in love movies. Another Notable movie is Love Birds. Also With same Here, which is Prabudeva.


Now, we go futher to ending 90’s … Who might be ? Obviously it Simran. The Sexy girl that Become favorite of many. But, got somemarket down after she married. Well, i dont consider sexy as 1st reason. But, she do since early movies of her. Well, in the movie of Jodi. She did great job. …

Well, She acted in so many movies but certain movies really made her better in film industry. Film such as Jodi, Valli, are really nice. It show-off her talent to her fans.

This girl also look nice without make up. Even thought not as good as riya sen, but this can said “ok”. This due her age. She not teenage girl. She already around 30 years old compare to riyasen, who is just 25 something.

Hey Special? Her eye look nice. Nice hair. Nice skin color. And much more. Usually, people say – she look sexy. Yes, she do but in early movies. It can be said, very sexy in her early movies. Later, she cover up. In movies like Jodi, she did great job with prasant.

Basically, she had the talent but people more on her sexy dance. That might be the reason, why she sometimes, do dance for single songs in movies. In movies like Youth, her dance was simply super.

Recently, After she get married: she not acting. Very few chance to act in movies. So that, she almost being housewife and just take care her 1st son.

Note: for more picture – check out my gallery @

After aabove 3 pretty actress, i start wondering, actress might lost her status once she get married or failure to maintain her role towatd her fans. Basically, i like people who have cute smile, slim, fair skin color and great looking.

The early times, before this 3 girls, i like actress like, Suvalaxmi who look great in saree. She also smile good. And i also in favor of Kajol, mMaduridixit, Urmila who acted in indian movie. +++ other small looking 90’s actress thatt i forgot names.

OK. Recently, after 2000, i don’t have any actress specifically as my favorite. So, i just list down my Y2KPretty girls. (please check my blog part for more detail of below actress)

  1. Jayree – from chocolateJoothika
  2. Joothika – from
  3. Trisha – In
  4. Sadha –
  5. Sneha –
  6. Sherin –
  7. AishwaryaRai – Jeans
  8. Mumtaj –
  9. Bhavana –
  10. Mamtha -From Sivakasi
  11. Harini – From Boys
  12. Shiriya – From Mazhai and Thirivilaiyadal Arambham
  13. Shalini – From Amarkalam
  14. Vaishnavi – Manmathan
  15. Bhoomika – From Roja kootham
  16. Asin –
  17. Gayatry –

more actress – but coming soon 🙂

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